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about us

tammie bennett of tigerpocket press



touch them with something you’ve touched. 

sometimes you have something to say, but it doesn't translate over the phone, text or social media.  but you can put your thoughts and feelings on paper and send it in the mail.  the lucky recipient gets to touch the same paper you touched.  you are connected in a tangible way.  powerful, right?!

i’m tammie bennett, founder of tigerpocket press.  i started this company in 2018 because i had something to say but wasn’t sure how to say it.  i wanted to send a message of forgiveness to a few people from my past and i knew the message wouldn't be as meaningful when read on a screen.  but i couldn't find the right greeting card for the job. so i created forgiveness greeting cards to help break the ice.  i wrote what i needed to say, sent the cards in the mail,  and felt lighter immediately.  the healing process began!

i brought some of my forgiveness cards to a local pop-up shop and the reaction was amazing!  not only did the cards sell like crazy, but i shared so many laughs, emotional moments and great stories with shoppers.

when i saw how the cards acted as powerful conversation starters, i knew we needed to branch out to all sorts of other occasions.  and i knew we needed to help those conversations along with pictures of hands, butts, lips, and eyes because i love drawing them.  but mostly because those body parts are powerful tools of connection.

our cards and gifts help you connect with others through all the moments life throws at us.  the sad ones, beautiful ones, happy ones, celebratory ones, ugly ones, silly ones, funny ones, embarrassing ones and all the other ones.  and sometimes they help you connect for no specific reason at all… you don’t really need a reason to reach out and touch someone through the mail.


tigerpocket press products are all about :: 

  • being real. life is full of magic and imperfections and we should acknowledge both.
  • celebrating. we all have something we can celebrate every single day, no matter how big or small.
  • encouraging each other. we can all rise if we all lift each other up. there is room for all of us.
  • reaching out. a little note in the mail can go a long way towards making someone’s day a little bit brighter.
  • laughing. need we say more?
  • eco-friendly.  we gotta be nice to mama earth.  we use eco-friendly products and packaging everywhere we can. 

when you buy our cards and gifts, we package them with care (while singing or dancing most likely), and use eco-friendly packaging.  

don’t see a card or gift for your situation?  let us know.  we don’t take custom requests, but maybe we’ll bring your idea to life.

we love helping you reach out and touch others with your words.  and we love imagining our products flying across the world bringing people a little closer together.

tigerpocket press's founder tammie's signature